PARKRAND STAINLESS STEEL Pty Ltd is suppliers of both Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel material. Our sales division has  27 Years

experience in the Metal Industry. We offer the professional consulting services to our respective customers and stakeholders, ensuring that they save on their expenditure and they meet their required targets for their specific projects and operations based on our high quality
service delivery.   We provide a wide range of specialized high end products that are reliable and providing our clients optimum satisfaction.   Parkrand   Stainless and Alloys is driven by the philosophy of “dedication, determination and discipline” .We extend our operations throughout the African continent, through our effective supply chain management strategy which is a cornerstone for our growth and growing partnerships.




Parkrand Stainless and Alloys aims at being efficient and competitive in the African Stainless Steel Industry and markets. Taking into account its beneficial relationship with its customers and suppliers in an ethical manner, we stand strongly by our Service Deliverance. We believe in delivering quality service with regards to our various products and services, ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with the
way we are able to strategize value added solutions to their specified industry’s needs. Parkrand Stainless and Alloys also strives to have a comparative advantage over its competitors by sustaining its integral relationships with clients and respective stakeholders.


We are suppliers to the following Industries:


1.  Food And Beverage

2.  Petro-Chemical

3.  Water And sanitation

4.  Paper and Pulp

5.  Pharmaceutical

6. Mining






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